Sargon’s BAMN Video,Vee BAMN Video I feel BAMN needs more attention given to them. So we can show them that we will not accept communism or violence being used as a form of disregarding people on the other side (mainly the sane people) Hopefully we can learn from these groups and have proper discussion engagement in the future. Censorship is never good even if you disagree with the person and they are wrong. Without freedom I would of never became the Reapoltik person I’m today.

Rant #2

Article. I started hating Sharia Law a lot when I was younger. And still do to this day. they are anti freedom and should not be considered for a western country.

Rant #1

Article I feel like using a wordpress like site for my blog. I guess I will be using motd SDF from now on. These will be daily rants with articles and so on.